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Poetry Events In and Around Austin
updated 02/02/18

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>  MONDAYS: FORT 2 FAMOUS at BUZZ MILL COFFEE, 1505 Town Creek Drive, 78741, from 8-11pm. Hosted By Stephanie Morrissey! OPEN! LIVING! FREE!

> 3rd TUESDAYS: DRINK ’N’ INK, Pot Luck Hosted by Genevieve Evans 7-10 pm. Feb 20,2018: "SMITTEN"

> WEDNESDAYS: 1-3 pm HARRIET’S WRITING GROUP at Full English Cafe, 2000 Southern Oaks 78745-Hosted by Robin Barratt>> 1st WEDNESDAYS 1-3pm at HALF PRICE BOOKS, 5555 North Lamar COMMUNITY OPEN MIKE FOR ALL AGES. BYO original poetry, or read from the shelves of Half Price Books! FREE! Wednesday March 7=CHRONICLES OF HELEN BIRD!

> 1st THURSDAYS: WAKE THE DEAD Round Robin at 1432 Old Ranch Road 12, San Marcos. From 7:30.Hosted by Mark Anthony Rockeymoore. Three rounds of round robin poetry.  Next meeting: MARCH 1

> 2nd THURSDAYS: TEMPLE LIVE POETS at Belton Library, 301 E 1st St, Belton. 6.30-8 p.m. Hosted by DONNA BOWLING. All ages Theme reading. Next meeting March 8

>  2nd THURSDAYS: BOOK WOMAN, 5501 N Lamar (MAP) 7.15-9 p.m. Hosted by CINDY HUYSER

> 3rd THURSDAYS: 7 pm at Stellar Cafe, 235 LBJ Drive, San Marcos for PRESS PLAY /SPIN POETRY!
Hosted by K the Poet.also=THIRSTY THURSDAYS at the Council Chambers, Dripping Springs, 7-9 pm.

> 4th THURSDAYS: Join Austin Poetry Society at NeWorlDeli,  41st/Guadalupe 7-9 pm.
Hosted by LINDA MARIE COSSA. Featured poets & round robin. Next meeting February 22.

>  ( MAN!@7.09pm-Pot luck hosted by Lina&Zow

> 2nd & 4th SATURDAYS: POETRY ALOUD! Round robin open mike Hosted by Mike and Joyce Gullickson

>  12.30-2.30pm at Georgetown Public Library. February 24 theme: Theme: "LIKE A TOURIST IN A DREAM!"> 3rd SATURDAYS: RECYCLED READS at 5335 Burnet, 3.30-5.30 p.m., Hosted by Louise Gail Richardson

> SUNDAYS 7-10 pm: SPOKEN n HEARD at Kick Butt, 5775 W Airport. FREE for all ages. Hosted by Ernie B, Hot Tamale, Lost in Thought  Sign up for Open Mic. Kick Butt is a bar with drink specials every Sunday night! .NEXT MEETING FEB 18!

> 1st SUNDAYS: Poetry and Music at Recycled Reads, 5335 Burnet, 3.30-5.30 p.m..
Hosted by Louise Gail Richardson.

> 2nd SUNDAYS: AUSTIN WRITERS ROULETTE, 4-6 pm at Malvern Books. Theme reading hosted by Teresa y Roberson ( See for dates and themes. UNCENSORED

SUNDAY MARCH 4 from 1-3pm@Malvern Books=THE LION&THE PIRATE!

> For more information contact Spirit Thom at,<


also see LITERA in the FREE Chronicle


Austin International Poetry Festival

April 5-8, 2018, sees Austin converted to a city-wide poetry reading.

“Austin Poets International (API) promotes literary excellence by uniting poets from around the world
to celebrate the diversity of humanity through the power of written and spoken word.”

Learn all about AIPF, the readings, all night reading, the anthologies (youth and adult) at
the AIPF website, AIPF.ORG

Readings in and around Austin